Making a New Company and New Product a Stand-Out PR & Interactive Contribute to Growth by a Factor of Ten A new company in the crowded medical device industry sought to reach doctors and consumers about its unique metal implant. Element-R’s marketing efforts helped MMI USA grow from $3 million to $30 million, culminating in the sale of the company a few short years later.

Separate communications were created for medical professionals and the public. With consumers now self-educating about their medical conditions, special attention was given to MMI’s web presence. Element-R created a purely informational website for consumers about the medical conditions that could require this type of surgery and their treatment options, further directing them to their physicians. Traffic to the new site was supplemented with a minimal budget Google Adwords campaign. Online ads drove 70 percent of all new site visits.

Publicity through multiple channels: television, online, print and via radio, again emphasized patient education. Surgeons were the primary spokespeople for the new surgical treatment. Each outlet reached millions of people, ultimately resulting in many patients requesting more information from their doctors.

Simple, Effective Niche Marketing Culminates in Successful Lead Generation Reseller Goes Broad and Direct to Reach New Market A reseller of technologies for paperless offices, IDT consults with SMEs in several fields, making focused marketing a challenge. One of its new technologies fit banks’ demand for electronic check processing.

Tapping the reach of a leading community bankers association in Illinois, we embarked on a tightly focused six-month campaign culminating in a regional trade show. The campaign included:

  • Display advertising in the association’s journal;
  • An introductory direct mailer to association members; and
  • A pre-show direct mail campaign targeted to 160 decision-makers

Showing the impact of a straightforward, targeted campaign, IDT achieved a 10 percent response among bankers who scheduled meetings during the show. In total, half the booth’s visitors were attributed directly to the campaign.

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If you only have a website and are not actively working to make it more visible using other digital tools, you could be missing daily sales opportunities.

Starting with an audit of your digital presence, Element-R Partners helps you take stock and identifies specifics on how you can improve your online footprint.

From keyword and traffic analyses through new site content and design, to YouTube videos, online content sharing with targeted portals, search ads, online display ads and more, the potential for exposing your message and creating a dialogue with your market is there for the taking.

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Social Media

Conversations about your company and your brand are happening every minute, all around you, with or without you, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and industry blogs and portals.

But social media means more than platforms, followers and friends. Engaging the people talking about you and participating in those conversations – and getting them to convert – is elemental to what you do.

Starting with an audit of the social landscape for your product/service, we assess your social media communications goals, integrate multi-channel programs, and build a social strategy that targets key media and influencers to generate leads/demand.

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Reach and Credibility with Earned Media PR Campaign Hits Radio, Print & Online Interactive Health Services (IHS), the leading provider of population health management programs, wanted to launch an annual recognition program for client companies that had exceeded their employees’ collective health improvement goals for the year. Element-R, working with Unicom Marketing Group, developed the company’s first PR program to support the Awards, while exposing IHS’ highly successful service to the broader, national business community.

Working closely with the executive and sales teams, Element-R captured the IHS brand story, and announced the Healthiest Companies award winners via a national and local publicity campaign. A new web site specific to the Award was also created as an online component to the campaign.

National and local press materials and aggressive media contact resulted in 46 articles published nationally and online, reaching nearly 50 million people. Element-R also conducted a radio media tour featuring IHS’ CEO and President, resulting in airtime at more than 1,000 broadcasters, reaching an estimated 7.8 million listeners – an impressive success for the company’s first public relations campaign.

Small Firm Gets Big-Time Credibility Boost Smart Story Angles Get Noticed When Financial Solutions Advisory Group, a national RIA firm serving high net-worth individuals, needed to project credibility with prospects, Element-R used the firm’s experience in acquiring a retiring solo RIA to gain market authority.

Older investment advisors were retiring and selling off their client bases to a new generation of advisors their clients have never met. Proof of this trend was the emergence of M&A and acquisition services for investment advisors supplied by Schwab and Fidelity, among others.

The public relations campaign created by Element-R helped FSAG leverage the trend by reporting on it and supplying eight helpful tips clients should ask a new advisor when the old advisor sells out. Feature interviews on Bloomberg Television, and a cover story in Worth magazine, among other placements, helped FSAG open dialogue with new partners – and close business with new clients.

First-Time Exhibitor Garners Media Attention One-on-One Interviews for New Division Launch The newly-formed Life Sciences division of IPM wanted visibility at the CRO (Contract Research Organization) Partnership Conference. The event was the initial step in building greater awareness for a major life sciences conference later in the year. Challenges the company faced: It was its first time at this conference; it had never conducted trade show media relations before; and there was less than three weeks until the event.

With no real “news” to announce, Element-R dug for angles for its PR campaign that might interest the media. The discovery: both CROs and pharmaceutical manufacturers find internal communication and project coordination to be common difficulties that can inhibit drug trials. The media pitch: “10 ideas that can help promote better drug trials.”

Interviews were secured with trade reporters representing six leading U.S. and European pharmaceutical-related publications. Upon follow-up, the company was invited to contribute two feature articles.

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A New Look for a Successful Service Firm Award-Winning Brochure Gets Attention This established project management firm wanted to present a more professional image through its sales collateral. Its current package was a simple folder with multiple single sheets of text-heavy copy.

IPM agreed with Element-R’s philosophy that the new marketing collateral should strongly emphasize the value the company produces for its clients. A unique 11×11 wire-bound booklet and inserts artfully presented the client’s results and services.

The new brochure was enthusiastically received for its atypical content and format, winning a 2002 Silver Trumpet Award from the Publicity Club of Chicago in the brochures, booklets or books category. The brochure was then used as a media introduction, resulting in multiple article placements and an invitation for the company founder to become a quarterly columnist for a global industry magazine.

Manufacturing Firm’s Marketing Refreshed by Customer & Staff Insights Non-Tangible Values Highlighted in New Brochure, Website Thirty year-old Circuit Service, Inc., manufacturer of printed circuit boards, had limited and outdated corporate literature and basic sales messages. Element-R attacked the problem by first gathering customer input, then guided CSI through its r-Map Insight Phase messaging session to strengthen its sales story and identify the many valuable aspects of its services.

The company’s new messages were brought together in a new corporate brochure and website, giving CSI a high-impact presentation of its capabilities – both well-received by employees, customers and new prospects.

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Trade Show Traffic-Building and Lead Generation Creative, Fun Booth Clogs the Aisles A division of USG wanted to make an impact with a new product introduction at a national conference, and a completely new exhibit.

In less than six weeks from concept to show, Element-R:

  • Created several theme options based on show objectives and key messages, incorporating different, live activities as well as exhibit design choices. The selected “Feats of Strength” theme leveraged the new product‘s advantage of strength versus competitors.
  • Designed a new, Cirque du Soleil style exhibit – a complete departure from USG’s usual more conservative approach.
  • Two hands-on activities: 1) a carnival ‘High-Striker’ encouraged visitors to “test their own strength.” 2) A hands-on comparison test of the new product to more traditional industry products was positioned within the exhibit.
  • A pre-show mailer featuring a muscle man invited attendees to “Test their Strength” at the exhibit and enter a drawing for tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show.

Traffic to the exhibit was higher than ever before, with visitors four deep blocking the aisle, achieving the goal of making a major impact at this conference. More than 700 qualified leads were gathered and used for sale follow-up and as an active database for future marketing. Traffic to competitors’ booths, some of whom also had new exhibits, paled in comparison.

Reaching and Involving Influencers for a New Building Technology Launch Event Rated “One of Best-Ever Corporate Events” For USG’s introduction of a new, patented technology: Element-R developed and executed an integrated plan that included an unveiling event. Management demanded innovative thinking for the event, to distinguish it from a traditional product introduction.

Working closely with USG, Element-R sought to design a high-impact event for industry leaders by an industry leader, without heavy commercial overtones. Target audiences included leading architects, general contractors, developers, home builders, structural engineers, university educators, associations, USG partner companies and USG executives.

The event achieved these goals via several non-traditional elements that together made this a unique forum:

  • Venue with both architectural and construction interest: The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Quadracci Pavilion
  • Investing in keynote speaker Daniel Libeskind, famed international architect
  • Directly involving guests in the event by showing their own innovative projects in a Showcase Gallery; facilitating interaction throughout the evening
  • Limiting technology introduction time to a 20-minute presentation by USG

The event achieved the overall marketing objective of generating excitement around the new technology while seeding long-term market interest among the 70+ guests from 35 companies. The majority of survey respondents rated the event as outstanding.

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