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How should you be marketing in the Corona Pandemic?

TODAY in the midst of this pandemic?
When business resumes?

B2B businesses everywhere are in a tough spot — you need to keep things going, but you can’t continue marketing and selling the way you did.

You must simultaneously:
  • Acknowledge the problems your customers are facing
  • Figure out how you can serve them
  • Decide what you should communicate

It’s a heartache and a challenge for us all. As B2B messaging and content pros, we feel your pain — and the uncertainty that very likely is impacting your marketing.

We can help you with a path forward right now.

Element-R has helped small- to mid-market businesses across the U.S. go deeper to deliver more relevant brand positioning and messaging for more than 20 years. For us, strategy and positioning always come first.

Our contribution in your time of need — free advice on your company’s messages

For immediate help with your specific business communications, take advantage of either of these no-cost offers. We will:
  • Review and improve any current draft communication
  • Provide ideas on what and how to communicate, in a free two-hour consultation

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The services provided by Element-R go far beyond the traditional marketing support I have received from other companies. They are strategic partners that make the effort to truly understand my business and ask the tough questions that need to be asked. They force me to be a better marketer.”

– Director of Marketing, USG Specialty Products

What you shouldn’t do: Be silent

You should keep communicating but show sensitivity while still giving your market a reason to pay attention. And, you must plan ahead for what you will offer, and how you will communicate, when the country opens up again for business.

How you engender trust and interest NOW will help set that stage. Getting your communications and your messages right are among your most important jobs.

Curious about how other B2B marketers are handling the crisis?

We were curious how fellow digital, public relations and marketing communications professionals felt about Coronavirus-related messaging. We also wanted to see how they were altering their own marketing outreach efforts.

We created a short, six-question survey via the online polling organization, SurveyGizmo, sharing the poll link over social media via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. From March 23 to March 30, 2020, 127 respondents completed the survey.

You can learn what other B2B marketers across the country are saying:

Renew your confidence in how you’re going to market

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