Imagine having confidence in every piece of marketing that goes out your door.

Your website, digital content, sales presentations, and marketing support materials are proactive and relevant.

Most of all, your analytics show they’re effective.

That means you’re making a bigger impact. Attracting more leads. Your sales team is energized and closing more business/deals.

Your marketing is working.

Are you certain the next marketing message you send is relevant?

  • If invigorating sales is your top priority…
  • If you’re worried about getting the response you want for your marketing spend…
  • If your marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned the way they should be…
  • If you’ve never properly honed your company’s value to customers…

Now is the perfect time to re-examine and re-vitalize.

With our phased Brand Positioning & Messaging Roadmap, Element-R Partners designs and craft messages that resonate for B2B businesses.Your priority is your business. Ours is to critically assess what’s being said, and how well it hits buyers’ hot buttons.

Why Messaging is Your Most Important Job (and How to Improve Yours)


See how we apply buyer insights to create more relevant and remarkable communications for our clients.


From a typical, staid tradeshow booth, to drawing visitors with eye-popping, relatable problems solved by Mediafly.


From an outdated, text-heavy website to a vibrant new presence deserving of all the storied Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School (O-School) offers to literally change students’ lives.


What do people really care about when choosing an Independent Living facility? Many don’t want to live in a resort. See the warm family environment at Three Crowns Park.


From a basic, descriptor website to one that showcases a consultative and collaborative approach to AV and event staging for Stage Right, Inc.


Speak with the right authority and the target will listen … introducing a breakthrough in personal medicine for Genelex.


A product launch event that shows off customers… to each other? “Best corporate event ever attended” for USG.


To guide marketing strategy as a whole and market effectively to your targets on their buying journey, Element-R works closely with your team and gets to know your customers first.


To your story
To your buyers


What buyers care about; where they go for information
Re-define your strengths and value


With the right messages
On the right platforms
At the right time

Through R-Map, we plot your course to establish relevance between you and your prospects and customers.

R-MAP Strategic Planning

Our R-Map Planning and Messaging process helps pinpoint, then deliver on what your buyers really care about. Through it and your team’s institutional and competitive thinking, we compile an expansive set of fresh sales positioning and messaging that moves your marketing and sales forward.

There are no cookie-cutter marketing plans with Element-R. We’re thorough. Our team taps yours to uncover and then apply the nuances about your business that usually only exist in the owner’s or management teams’ minds.

Rather than quick fixes and short-cut tactics, our recommendations are customized to exactly what we believe you need most, allowing us to focus first and then be fluid as your needs or early results dictate.


Taking a hard look at the state of your marketing can be overwhelming. We know this rodeo.

Use our experience to assess your business challenges. We know where to start and how to shape a successful effort to reach your goals through our comprehensive services.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Positioning and Messaging
  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation/Lead Nurturing Programs
  • Website Content, Design & Programming
  • Branding & Logos
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Public Relations & Speaking Engagements
  • Collateral & Sales Tools
  • Advertising (PPC, Online & Print)
  • Trade Shows & Events

Relevant Messaging Wins

Stand out from the crowd with every communication.


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Susan Duensing, Certified Business Communicator
Co-Founder (847) 639-8300


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Stand out from the crowd with every communication.

Message us!
Email us, or give us a call at (847) 639-8300

Susan Duensing, Certified Business Communicator
Co-Founder (847) 639-8300

Bob Reed
Co-Founder (630) 579-1770