Time for Objective, Practical and Realistic Marketing

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When we created our Marketing During Coronavirus survey in late March, we discovered something pretty heartening: objective, practical and realistic marketing.

A large majority of those surveyed examined the marketing landscape impacted by COVID-19 and said they made significant course corrections by shifting their message and/or cut back on business as usual.

We’d applaud this level-headed approach. And we’d like to see it continue.

So much so, we’re offering smaller to medium-sized companies that need help now two hours of time to consult with us. At zero cost.

Let’s widen the path

With shelter-in-place rules still enforced, B2B businesses are still walking the equivalent a precarious mountain trail with steep drop-offs on either side: continue communicating with meaningful, helpful and practical solutions while gearing up for a return of more traditional selling.

Use us to discuss your current strategy; what steps to take to re-engage customers, objective thinking about a particular challenge. Or just having a fresh set of eyes to tell you you’re going down the right path. We’ll begin anywhere to get you started.

Again, we’re offering help at no cost with zero selling.

If you know any organization, for profit and non-profit, that you think would find value in this, please pass our message along to them.

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Susan Duensing