Social Media Explodes Intimidation Factor for Pleasure (and Business)

Dance and Poetry Slams let anyone show off their talents via digital and social media

As a writer, I’ve watched with interest the spike in popularity, of all things – poetry – as seen in “Poetry Slams” at venues across the country – and made accessible to all on YouTube.

The strength and power of the authors performing original poetry on stage – to wildly enthusiastic crowds of young adults—is remarkable to see.  The creativity and energy is inspiring to any word lover.

Along this vein, I recently came across a similar forum – this time for dance – individual, short dances again featuring amazing talents, in a format that makes it easy and fun to enjoy.

Contrast both of these examples with poetry books gathering dust … with intimidating theater performances, and you can only conclude: social media is opening up new modes of personal expression.

The relevance to business marketing is obvious: out with the old, company to customer line of marketing communication.  Each of us as professionals, and each of our companies, has a bold new set of tools for self-expression.

The ability for potential customers to find us – and relate to us – through media that may alert, inform, even entertain is proving very successful for those willing to express themselves.

If you’re not doing so already, explore your own personal interests and business niche, and go online to find how they are being played up in social media.  Then find your voice.  Let your business communications reflect your personality – or a personality for the company. Have fun (gasp), and you’ll find you are connecting to audiences as never before.