Thinking of Thanks


I’m always impressed by handwritten thank you notes.  They are a thoughtful, simple and direct way of acknowledging what you gave or did.  This past summer I received two of these rarities… on the same day.

The first was from Elise Mitchell, president of Mitchell Communications and a colleague from Counselors Academy, an organization of PR agency owners.  Elise served as the chair of our annual Spring Conference and she wrote to thank me for my contribution in helping organize it.  Elise’s note showed up in a tube mailer accompanied by agency swag.  A distinctive and memorable package.

The other was from a plumber named Mike who replaced a leaky section of pipe in my basement.  Mike was quick, efficient, friendly and personable.  As he was finishing his invoice, Mike made a comment about the weather (hot) and the impact on his physiology now that he was a father of both a growing toddler and midsection.  He mentioned how he began running and that his knees were bothering him.  Disclosing that I was training for my second marathon, we had a ten minute discussion about running shoes and where to buy them.  I used his company’s service, but in Mike’s note, he thanked ME for the advice I dispensed.

To be honest, I’m not sure if Mike writes these notes on his own, or if his employer encourages the practice.  Either way, Mike or Precision Plumbing are thinking about how to wrap up a banal transaction with a tangible coda.

So thank you Elise and Mike for setting an example of how to think and stay connected.  I’ll try to bring pen to paper more often, even if my penmanship is lousy.