Questions, Part 2 – What don’t you know about your client’s customers?

faq_signThe last question from yesterday’s post, “Would you consider your strategic planning process to be customer centric?”, is the perfect transition into today’s list about, you guessed it, customers.

You know how important it is to get them and keep them.  At the beginning of any engagement, we query the prospect about their customers and what drives their buying decisions.  Getting these answers will not only help your marketing direction, it will help your client find — and hopefully keep — satisfied customers.

  • What problems are your customers trying to solve?
  • Who are your most valuable customers?
  • What do your most valuable customers have in common?
  • What would the last 10 former customers answer to the following question, “What were the reason(s) you left us?” (If you don’t know their names, phone or e-mail, that’s a different issue.)
  • What is the next best alternative that your best customers have for your product, service or solution?
  • How do you leverage information gathered from your customers for direct customer benefit?
  • What are you teaching your customers and prospects?
  • What makes your company or product remarkable?
  • What are your primary tactics for acquiring new customers?
  • What percentage of new customers comes directly from direct selling efforts, marketing programs, customer referrals, or unknown?
  • Do you have a Customer Advisory Panel? Do you meet them on a regular basis (i.e. at least once per quarter)?

What questions about customers do you ask?