Questions, Part 1

question-mark“Judge a man by his questions, not his answers.”
– Voltaire

Silver Bullet thinking goes down the slippery slope of making assumptions.  Like so many experienced marketing and PR people, we don’t like to assume anything.

When we engage prospects, we ask questions, about their marketing, about their business, about their industry.  You name it.  Ask the right kinds of questions and you’ll begin to sense that what a client needs isn’t necessarily what they want.

This is the first of several posts about the kinds of questions we ask, starting with strategy and planning:

  • Do you have a marketing vision?
  • Do you have a marketing strategy and plan for next year?
  • What issues are having an impact on your business, e.g. external influences that could change your business, both positively and negatively?
  • How are your sales, service, delivery and operational managers involved in marketing plan development and execution?
  • If you could measure only one economic driver at your company, what would it be?  Does this driver matter to your customers?
  • If you have multiple marketing groups (i.e. your company is organized by product and channel, or marketing functions such as research, promotions, web marketing, and communications), how do you align individual programs so that the customer is not confused?
  • Would you consider your strategic planning process to be customer centric?

What kinds of strategic planning questions do you ask?