Shooting Blanks

bang_gun_with_flagWhat are you loading into your strategic marketing chamber?   Blanks or live rounds?

No Silver Bullet will occasionally share real-world stories from companies that made marketing mistakes through “fire, ready, aim”.   Share yours and read on for a few valuable lessons clients experienced with agencies that pushed doing over thinking.

“I should have stood on the roof of my office building and thrown the $28,000 into the wind,” said the executive director of national medical trade association, who took a full-page ad in USA Today to promote an event.

Lesson: Appeal as directly as possible to those with a vested interest in your event (especially when funds are limited)!

“Every PR agency I’ve ever hired has been a waste of money,” said a financial industry client.  Could it be because the agencies used standard PR tools, without thought about what results might be achieved through broad exposure; or more important, what value would be realized by the business?  Not to mention considering changing their strategy upon realizing their work was not moving the needle.

Lesson: PR alone is frequently NOT enough to achieve desired results.

A cookie-cutter is good only for making uniform cookies, not marketing. Element-R won a competitive pitch among three finalists.  We beat one on ideas; the other competitor shot itself in the foot.  It inserted the wrong client into its set of recommendations.  Incredulous, the prospect shared the mistake with us.  Not just lazy, shockingly indifferent.

Lesson: Marketing recommendations are NEVER transferable.