The Silver Bullet Antidote: Understand What Your Marketing Should be Doing for You

It’s not your fault.26062009_syringe

It seems like effectively communicating with your market gets more complex by the hour (even for those of us who have been at it for 25 years).

A single tactic; throwing money at multiple tactics and seeing what sticks; or any effort completed without both a tight grip on the marketplace AND a clear objective are all examples of a silver bullet mentality.

Yes we know … marketing 101, right?  Surprisingly few businesses apply what they know about people who do buy from them, or apply any real strategy whatsoever.  Apply is the key verb.

Amazing, but true.  And we have the stories, as well as lessons for those who seek to make their marketing do more than it did last year.

Starting with our premise – that your marketing should be a continual process of educating your customers and prospects about the value of your product or service – what exactly are some of the rules that will take you on the road to being a better marketer?

Let’s begin at the beginning.  Whenever we critique a client’s marketing materials – be it PR, web site, brochure, presentation, social media approach, etc. – we always find room for improving the following:

  • Presenting your company and its services in compelling language that is relevant to the buyer
  • Being crystal clear in showing how you differ from competitors
  • Regularly expressing and reinforcing the value you bring, even to current customers
  • Persuading, not just stating, features and benefits
  • Getting your market’s attention.  This applies to content as well as how the message is delivered

There is so much to be said on all of the above, and many more key points we’ve learned in working with dozens of companies of all sizes.   All of it – the insight into why your customers buy; the analysis and creation of proper, strong brand messages; the new campaigns to take your message out to the market; the integration and cohesion of all your marketing tools — takes time and effort.

But the payoff will be your company in the spotlight, getting the attention you’ve worked for, and the envy of your competitors.