Wishful Thinking is the Silver Bullet

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

The search for the Silver Bullet is ever-present as it is elusive.  There will always be a situation where someone hopes – vainly – to find that single, immediate and instantly applicable answer, solution, short cut or cure-all that saves the day, delivers more sales, or grabs market share.

We see it in constantly in business communications.  “We need an ad.”  “We want to improve our web site.”  “Let’s start a blog.”  “How about issuing a press release?”

All this “stuff” should never go before the substance that comes from dedicated thinking and planning.  Companies seek a silver bullet because they lack an understanding of what they really should do: create traceable, significant and logical customer connections by delivering relevant, compelling and persuasive messages about the value of their product or service.  Sorry to say it, but that takes thought.

Several times each week, No Silver Bullet will look at all things thinking related to business communications, as well as planning and its many windows of opportunity, from the strategic and long-term, to what needs to be accomplished in the next five minutes.  We’ll focus on business, marketing and PR, as well as items that fall outside the office walls, while commenting on how people try to get things done; what happens when they succeed and the fallout when they don’t.

The world is picking up speed, so don’t wish, think.