Content Kick-start

Content Kick-start

Generate Social Media Content… in 90 Minutes

The biggest hurdle you face when embarking on integrating social media into your marketing strategy is answering this question:

“Ok, what do we talk about?”

It’s a valid concern. Business owners, managers, and product folks are often too close to their own technology and services to craft and frame their stories in a way that is educational (versus commercial); that attracts interest; and builds the kind of trust that can help translate into more sales.

What you do need is useful content. But to do it right, you need to generate educational information that helps convey what prospects and customers need to know about your company, your products and services and your people in context of what they need to solve their challenges. Here’s why:

  1. Traditional media alone is less effective as buyers turn to online resources to learn about product/service choices, and to peers for recommendations.
  2. Targeted content allows you to direct information about your company’s products and services to where qualified buyers are seeking information.
  3. Social media works to create connections and interactions between companies and buyers that never before existed.
  4. Inbound marketing using content-rich strategies costs an average of 62% less than outbound marketing.

Content marketing fulfills your buyers’ hunger for information – and to strategically populate social and interactive platforms that will generate leads. On average, customers will contact a sales rep when they independently completed about 60% of the purchasing decision process.

90 Minutes Will Get You Started

Element-R will work with your team to brainstorm, develop and complete a set of at least 25 topics that you can use to write short online articles. As a special introduction, we offer this service at less than half our normal fees — for only $850!

This session can help kick-start or recharge your content approach. We’ll help you and your team assess, collect and catalog customized message points to help you deliver a continuous stream of information to build and maintain a dialogue with your customers and prospects.


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