Social Media

Social Media

Social Marketing Hits the Mark
Content Sharing to Niche Audience Produces Big Sales Spike

Social media engagement for pharmaceutical companies is an involved undertaking. FDA regulations can limit what they able to say via social media to stay in compliance.

So, when a global pharmaceutical contract research company wanted to connect with potential users of one of its new service lines, the company asked Element-R to build traffic. The company was the perceived leader in this area, yet organic search results put the company far away from top search results.

Because digital assets residing outside the corporate website were not allowed, we recommended creating a “non-blog” blog. We altered the unit’s lonely outpost on the company’s huge corporate website to mimic a blog, encompassing a piece of new content every week, such as existing articles, posters and podcasts. When new content went live, we pushed it out via an eblast to existing customers and to two dedicated groups on LinkedIn.

Over a ten-week period, traffic to the product’s page grew eight fold and the product’s Google ranking went from page five to page one, third citation. Six months after inaugurating the program, the product brought in three times more contracts than the year before.

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